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Our Services: on-site safety, thorough clean-up

Tree Pruning

Trees benefit from proper maintenance and periodic pruning.  Whether they are young saplings in need of training and structural pruning or elder giants in need of deadwood removal, selective thinning, end weight reduction, or crown cleaning, we can advise and execute the appropriate level of care for your trees, from full size trees to ornamental shrubs.   We will not top trees! Click for more info on why topping is such a destructive practice.

Tree Removal

Healthy trees can add great value, beauty and comfort to your property, but sometimes they outgrow the available space or new construction creates a conflict.  If your tree becomes hazardous or undesirable in your landscape we can help.  We safely lower them to their resting place and use as much of the resulting material as possible.  Chips are available for gardeners and firewood warms many customer's homes.

Hazard Evaluation 

If you are unsure of the safety of your property and your loved ones around the trees on your property, we can evaluate the potential hazards your trees may contain, likely failure points, and growth tendencies.  We are happy to answer any of your questions and help create a management plan for the mutual benefit of trees and humans.  


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